The Slap in the Face of Khaasha: An Expression of Barbarism

For several months now, the growth and impact of the Taliban and the increase of insecurity, especially in the villages and different districts of Afghanistan, have shocked the people and every family that has the means has left their homes and places.

Although at the beginning of the infamous deal under the name of ‘peace talks’, the majority of governmental and non-governmental participants and women like Fouzia Kofi preached that the Taliban's mentality has changed, but our nation, which has experienced the suffering of the mercenary Taliban Emirate, knows that the Taliban are no different from their Jihadi brothers. It has never been and there can never be a positive change in the practice and attitude of this medieval group, neither their bloodthirsty nature nor their foreign masters allow this.

During their attacks and so-called ongoing conquests, the Taliban once again committed countless crimes and did not refrain from massacres, burning schools and educational institutions, looting public institutions, insulting and humiliating women, or imposing inhumane restrictions on them.

Incidents such as the Spinboldak and Malistan massacres, the identification and assassination of individuals and groups around Kabul city, the continuation of explosive attacks, etc., kill dozens of our compatriots every day that cannot be forgotten nor forgiven. But the shooting of Kandahar local comedian Mohammad Nazar Khaasha was not only dreadful and painful, but also showed the savagery nature of the Taliban’s disgrace and abuse and proved that these criminals do not respect any ethnicity or language.

Watching the video of the moments before his execution, those insulting slaps and torture of this innocent man sore the heart of any viewer. The Social Association of Afghan Justice-Seekers (SAAJS) restates that without identifying, prosecuting and punishing the perpetrators of these atrocities, lasting and universal peace in our country is not possible. And this is possible only with the complicity and solidarity of the Afghan people and that is enough. Let us, at every possible level, unite against the terrorist groups that have endangered our homeland and our people.

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