15th of August, the black day in our country's history

Two years ago, the Taliban entered Kabul according to the plan of the United States and NATO. Like their previous rule, their first attack was against women and education. As time passed, they increased their oppressive laws, putting the people in difficult situations. Although the Taliban declared a "general amnesty," they have no belief in human rights or justice, and practically killed hundreds of opponents and journalists in various provinces. They publicly flog and humiliate men and women on charges of moral corruption in many provinces, while sexual scandals and corruption of Taliban leaders are exposed in the media but nothing changes. Although poverty, unemployment, and misery prevails throughout the country, the Taliban are only concerned with women's veils and men's beards.

Although any opposition to the Taliban has been suppressed and ended in imprisonment and torture over the past two years, but especially our brave women have not given up their struggle and boldly raised their voices against any misogynistic action of the Taliban.

In the age of progress, science and technology, a medieval force created by colonialists cannot continue its rule for long. The Taliban, like their jihadist brothers, are hated by the people, and as a result, the cry for justice by the people will eventually overthrow them. With our perseverance and efforts, we can shorten the life of their black rule.

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تصاویر قربانیان

  • حیدر لهیب
  • Description: شهید جنبش دموکراتیک افغانستان که در سال ۱۳۵۷ در زندان پلچرخی اعدام شد