Mojtaba is another youth of our country who fell victim to criminals

On September 10, 2016, Mojtaba was martyred along with dozens of others in an attack on Amrullah Saleh's escort at the Old Taimani Square

Mojtaba, who worked for 200 afghanis a day at a water treatment shop due to economic hardships, graduated from a night school. After finishing school, he decided to go into police force, but his family did not agree. Finally, Mojtaba enrolled in Payam University in the field of law and political science

Unfortunately, less than 10 days had passed since his university studies, when he lost his life and ambitions in the attack on Amrullah Saleh's escort

Mojtaba's mother said with a sigh, "My 22-year-old son had no connection with any government agency, but for what crime did they take my son from me? No one can cure our pain, neither Ghani nor Amrullah Saleh, because their children live abroad and cannot realize the pain in our hearts… Peace with the Taliban is nothing but a lie

Mojtaba's younger brother Abed tells about the incident: "After the explosion, Amrullah Saleh's men started firing. The day was very horrific, I called Mojtaba several times but his cell phone was off. We tried to call a lot but it didn't work. Eventually, we searched the entire hospital. Again, there was no sign of Mojtaba until at 1 PM, we received his body from forensic medicine

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